Everyday Basic Beat 2018|Simply_Ifrah

Hey Guys! Today I am going to share my everyday make up. I have seen a lot of these on YouTube and quite frankly most for me personally are more beat to the Gods rather then a everyday routine for the average person… So I am going to show you a REAL Girls everyday make up routine, for the days you don’t want a heavy full face of make up but also don’t fancy going au natural..

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Haircare Routine 2018|Simply_Ifrah

Hey Guys! I am back with a my current haircare routine… i was missing there for a minute in between life and trying to come up with something i want to post its been a tad hard but hopefully i will be back on my A game going forward!!!

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Gold glitter Ombré Swarovski Nails 💎💅🏽

Hey Guys! Hope you’ve had a good first month of 2018. I know I’ve been MIA for the last month but I just needed time to step back and let my creativity flow again.

When I started this Simply_Ifrah journey I wanted to always keep it real and document my progress with my hobbies and learning how to better myself at make up and nails, I never wanted to make a post I wasn’t 100% happy or real with so when I wasn’t feeling to post I stepped back and now I’m ready to be more active again.

So now that that’s out the way onto the nails!!! 😜

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1st Attempt at Dip Powder…

Hey guys! This weeks post will be about my first attempt at Dip Powder nails. Dip powder has been the big thing this year, it is a powder form instead of the traditional acrylics where you mix liquid with a powder to get gel. With dip powder the colour is in powder form. It’s is marketed as safer, more natural and easier to apply with results of up to 4 weeks of no chip colour! So let’s get into my experience…

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